SERVE is the outreach arm of Denton Bible Church, existing to glorify God by cultivating, equipping, and mobilizing Christian leaders worldwide.


Leadership Focus:

The best way to make long-lasting impact in a group is by impacting its leadership.

National Centered:

A godly, well trained person from a culture is the best pastor or leader to that culture.

Local Church Based:

The future of the Church rests upon the Spiritual strength of local churches.

Incarnational Approach:

Leadership is developed by sharing life, not by sitting in a classroom.

Servant Led:

Leadership is modeled through humility, trust, commitment, and service.

Reproduction Driven: 

Success is more than getting there – it is reproducing yourself.


  • Broad-based leadership training.
  • Local church development.
  • Taking the church to places it is not.
  • Providing resources and shepherding.
  • DBC church’s involvement