Support a Missionary

Partner with us in taking the gospel world wide!

There are many ways to partner with a missionary of Serve International, the missionary sending agency of Denton Bible Church, to advance the work of the ministry around the world:


One of the most valuable helps you can give to a missionary is to cover them in prayer.  Living in a second cultural presents a set of unique circumstances and challenges, and missionaries truly benefit from your prayers for them.

Each week at Denton Bible, we pray for a particular missionary  (link to current prayer calendar)

Stay in contact  with a missionary

Call them (most SERVE missionaries have a local Denton number), Skype them, send them a letter or package.  Send an email in response to a newsletter.  No contact is too insignificant to communicate to a missionary that you remember them!

Join their group on The City

Missions maintains a regular presence on The City both for those interested in missions in general and for those interested in a specific missionary.  This is the best place to make initial contact with us.  If you would like to join the general interest missions group on The City, click here. If you are interested in a particular missionary, locate them on The City by searching for “Missionary” or their name.

Meet Physical needs

There are many opportunities for you to be a practical help to a missionary while they are visiting the US.  They are varied, but provide for a unique way to serve a missionary and their family.

Types of physical short-term needs include:

  • housing (for a few days/weeks)
  • vehicle (for a few days/weeks)
  • seasonal clothes
  • children’s items (car seats, play-pen, stroller, etc.)
  • a ride to the airport

Think creatively, and involve your family. And be intentional about supporting your missionary in practical, every-day ways.

Financial Support

  • Write a check to Denton Bible Church

Put missions and missionary’s account number in the memo line and:

  1. Put check in offering box at Denton Bible Church
  2. Bring the check by the missions office
  3. Mail the check to: Denton Bible Church, 2300 E. University Drive, Denton, TX 76209, Attention: Missions
  4. You will a receive a receipt with a return envelope with each gift.
  • Setup a bill pay through your bank or credit union

Contact your financial institution for more information.

  • Give a one-time or set up a recurring gift.

You can make a one time gift or set up a recurring below. If you have a question about a current missions contribution, contact Paula Jenkins in Church Administration or Joe Calfee in Missions.

Give Now

You can make a one time gift or set up a recurring below.  If you are a member of Denton Bible Church and already on The City, you can go there to do the same.

Contributions are solicited and made with the understanding that Denton Bible Church has complete control and discretion over the use of donated funds. Thank you for your continued support of the Lord’s work through Denton Bible Church.