About the Country…

Argentina is a beautifully diverse country, with mountain scenes that rival those of Colorado, painted deserts, glaciers, beaches, and modern cities that remind one of Paris, New York or Madrid. Its people are extraordinarily varied as well, from native tribesmen to millions of Italian and Spanish descent, to Germans, Jews, Muslims, and even Koreans.

What’s the Need?

The overwhelming majority of the population does not have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Though the traditions of Catholicism pervade this society, the heart of the gospel is absent. One might find a group of people praying to Mary or dropping coins in a box or even practicing charitable deeds, but there are few who renounce their own righteousness and depend upon the grace of God through Christ.

What are our SERVE missionaries up to?

The SERVE missionaries in Argentina are dedicated to cultivating, equipping, and mobilizing pastors and leaders of local churches throughout Argentina. The hope and expectation of this team is that the native church might be more encouraged and better prepared to do the work of proclaiming the gospel to the lost and building up the faith and ministry of those who already believe. The primary tool for the task is the Bible Training Center for Pastors, which is basically a seminary curriculum condensed into two years. God has really blessed the work, bringing together pastors from congregations that do not normally get along and opening doors for communication and understanding through their studies together.