About the Country …

Slightly smaller than the size of Maine, Austria is home for more than eight million people. Austria is known for it’s beautiful landscape and being the birthplace of famous composers such as Mozart, Haydn, and Strauss. The capital, Vienna, is a cosmopolitan city with people from many different backgrounds.

What’s the Need?

People are growing up in Austria as a “Christian” country and identify themselves as such, but they really have no idea what that means. The state-sponsored church seems ineffective. There are also thousands of Muslim refugees that need to be reached with the love of Christ.

What are our SERVE Missionaries up to?

The SERVE missionaries in Austria endeavor to disciple the local Body of Christ to live out their faith and impact their culture. The Austria Team accomplishes this by partnering with youth organizations, a local refugee ministry, and intentionally training and equipping local church leadership.