Denton, TX

About the City …

North of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, Denton is home to over 113 thousand people. With two universities, Denton thrives with artsy energy, With a small town feel around the courthouse square to the artsy energy the college campus’ bring to the city.

What’s the Need?

While there is a need around the world for missions, we also recognize the need right here in our own backyard. Denton Bible Church has a lot of ministries set up for many specific needs in the church and around Denton that provide opportunities to share Jesus Christ. There are two needs in the community that SERVE missionaries specifically address which are getting out of debt and helping with budgeting and sound biblical teaching for women.

What are our SERVE Missionaries up to?

Our SERVE missionary in Denton, Brenda Haley, currently has a budget ministry set up for families or individuals to help manage their finances by getting out of debt and setting up a budget that is glorifying to God. Margaret Ashmore is also a SERVE missionary based out of Denton that is a women’s conference and retreat speaker encouraging women in Denton and around the country about their faith in Jesus Christ.