About the Country …

Mexico is a vibrant country with a dynamic Latin culture. It is almost three times the size of Texas and home to over 114 million people.

What’s the Need?

With poverty, corruption in politics, and drug dealing such a major party of Mexican society, there is a great need for the Gospel to be shared and discipleship relationships to be formed.

What are our SERVE Missionaries up to?

The SERVE missionaries in Mexico are working deeply with churches in two locations. They have Bible training centers and other ministries in other locations in the republic. On a wide level they train church leaders in Bible, theology, pastoral ministry, etc. using curricula such as BTCP as well as conferences and church consultations. On a deep level, they work more closely with specific local churches with whom they have much in common with in terms of theology and ministry philosophy. This involves helping to develop church infrastructure, lay leadership, new ministries, vision and strategy, etc.