SERVE Missionaries

Nico and Annie Tranchini

Nico and Annie Tranchini

About the Country …

Just south of France in western Europe, Spain is home to over 45 million people. It is famous for its bullfighting and Barcelona soccer team that was the winner of the 2010 World Cup.

What’s the Need?

Spain is now a post-Christian country, secular by nature. Although Catholicism is the major religion in Spain, it is interesting to hear the words of the archbishop of Madrid: “It is an indisputable face that many people who live in Spain [Madrid] today not only do not know the Gospel, but they live as though God did not exist.” Therefore there is an obvious need for evangelism and discipleship in Spain.

What are our SERVE Missionaries up to?

Nico and Annie have partnered with SERVE since 2003. They ministered in Argentina for seven years and they have been in Spain since 2011. Nico started a Bible College in the south of Spain and weekly teaches there to a group of pastors, leaders, and missionary candidates. He serves at a local church (that has no pastor) preaching regularly there and mentoring their two elders. He also has a speaking ministry in different cities of Spain and Africa (training Sudanese church planters.). Annie loves to do one-on-one discipleship with the spouses of some of the Bible College students.