H Family, B and C

The good news is that there are a lot of Christians and a lot of churches. The bad news is that there is not much maturity in their understanding of the Gospel and its implications for our lives as individuals and as churches.

What the Church needs: spiritual growth in the image of Christ, spiritual productivity, spiritual protection. They need healthy local churches. Local churches need healthy leaders who can shepherd the church in a way that it’s members are growing spiritually, growing numerically, and being protected spiritually.

The H Family’s work is to come alongside these churches that are struggling. They help some with teaching and preaching, but B’s main work is to walk alongside the pastor. B works with them as coach and also as a friend.

The goal is to see this pastor understanding the Gospel and thriving in it. And then to see him leading his church out of this spiritual health.

The greater goal is that in this city, there will one day be not just many people who claim to be Christians, and not just many groups that are called churches. But that there will be many Gospel preaching, Gospel believing, Gospel sharing, Gospel counseling churches that continue to multiply not just in this city, not even this country, but throughout the world.