Missionary Account and Support

Welcome to the DBC Missionary Support Request Procedure. In order to help simply the support application process, we have created a system that will allow you to create a missionary account that store your information for future applications. Once you have completed the initial application, your data will be used to pre-populate subsequent applications allowing you to focus on editing the data rather than entering the data anew each new year.

Step One

The first step is to create a DBC missionary account user name and password that you will use to sign in every year to fill out the Missionary Support Form. To start your account, complete the account setup form to create your custom user name and apply for an account. Once a SERVE account has been created, an email will be sent to you to update your password. Once your password has been updated and you have successfully signed in, return to this page and proceed to Step Two. If you already have a missionary account, please proceed to step two.

Step One is only necessary for the very first application. For each subsequent application, use the same SERVE  user name and password to login. Make sure you keep your user name and password safe for future use.

Step Two

Once you have set up a account and have a user name and password (or you have a user name and password from a previous application), then click the link below complete the missionary support form. You will need to login using your DBC user name and password to complete the form and will be prompted to do so on the next page.