Give to a Short Term Trip

Please select the short term mission trip that you wish to support from the drop down menu labeled “Select your designation.” If you wish your contribution to be accredited to a single participant’s portion of the needed funds, type their name in the “Name of Trip Participant” box. If you wish to give to more than one person’s portion of the needed funds, please make a separate transaction for each participant.

In order to stop duplicate transactions, the system may not allow transactions of the same dollar amount to the same account number for different individuals. If the system is telling you that it is a duplicate transactions, try raising the giving amount by $.01 so that the system knows that the transaction is not a duplicate. Also, for security purposes, the system has a limit on the number of transactions allowed each day. If the system informs you that you have reached the maximum amount of transactions allowed in a day, wait a couple of days and return to complete your transactions.

The default giving amount is $50. If you would like to give a different amount, click on the blue bar entitled “$ custom amount” and type in the amount that you wish to give. Thank you for contributing to Denton Bible Church Short Term Missions Trips!

Contributions to Denton Bible Church Missions are made and received with the understanding that they are for intangible religious benefit and no goods or services are received and that Denton Bible Church has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.  Funds raised in excess of our need will be used by Denton Bible Church for future short term missions.