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If you are an individual looking to participate in a short term mission trip, please click here.

If you are a SERVE, Affiliated, or Endorsed missionary, and you wish to host a short term mission trip please complete the following form.

STM Field Selection

For DBC Ministries, SERVE Fields, or Affiliated/Endorsed Missionaries that wish to have participation from Denton Bible Church in a short term mission project. Please submit this form no later than Friday, November 14, for trips occurring in the first 8 months of 2015.
  • General Information

    Please provide the following information about yourself.
  • Trip Information

    Please provide the following information regarding the trip you are requesting.
  • Please provide a singular objective for this trip and the category of the objective (e.g. evangelism, orphange), and please explain what you hope to accomplish with this trip.
  • Please indicate the city, cities, or region for this trip
  • If you have a suggestion of a team leader, please write their name here. Otherwise, leave this question blank.
  • Be as specific as possible.
  • Please provide information on the local church or country contact(s) for this trip, including correct spelling of name(s); local church, denomination, or organization he or she is associated with; English speaking ability; phone number(s); email address(es); mailing address(es); best times to contact.
  • Mission Trip Cost Estimate

    Please provide your best estimate for the following categories on a per person basis.
  • This covers all housing and food costs for the duration, including any incurred during travel to and from the ministry location.
  • This covers costs while in the field. Could be train tickets, subway or taxi fare.
  • This covers cost of any extra ministry materials. Ex: Bibles, writing utensils, supplies, etc.
  • This covers costs for hiring translators, including meals and lodging.
  • Price: $0.00