Missionary Training Institute

MTI is SERVE International’s most extensive and intensive training program designed to prepare men and women for vocational ministry, especially in international contexts. The program schedule is individually customized for each student and is composed of several components: Biblical and theological training, cross cultural training with Biblical contextualization, apprenticeship, spiritual formation, and cross-cultural immersion. 

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Bible Training Center for Pastors

BTCP is a two-year training program for Pastors and Church Leaders taught both at DBC and abroad (currently we train in about 30 countries). The curriculum is designed to give the basic knowledge and skills needed to carry out the biblical responsibilities needed in church leadership positions.

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Women’s Bible Training Center for Leaders

BTCL is a 2-year program of comprehensive study using the BTCP curriculum plus practical leadership and teacher training. The class time emphasizes missional living (here in Denton, TX), world missions, and cross-cultural awareness. The goal of Women’s BTCL is to train, equip, encourage, and prepare women for local ministry and for short-term ministry to women and children in international settings.

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Women Serving GodWSG Spain

Women Serving God provides churches with the strategy they need to develop a teaching and leadership women’s ministry — by women, to and for women,– who by their Christ-like service will bless their homes, churches, and communities.

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WorldLife (International Students)

The world is at our doorstep and a passport is not needed. Join us for dinner on Friday nights as we reach out in friendship to many international students at our local universities. We seek to share the love and knowledge of Christ through building lasting relationships.

For more information, please email the worldlife director, Cary Hull.