Women’s BTCL ~ Leadership Training for Women

WSG women studyingWho are the women in BTCL?

Women of different ages, backgrounds, denominations, and life experiences who want training for ministry (local and international). The class time emphasizes studying as an act of worship, learning in community, and servant-leadership with the goal of equipping women to pass on what they are learning (whether as a mentor, small group leader, or ministering in a cross-cultural context).

What would I be doing in BTCL?


Bible Study Methods

Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

Personal Spiritual Life (topical)


Bible Doctrine (theology)

Missions, Evangelism, Discipleship

Teaching Principles & Processes

Servant Leadership

What would I need to do to participate?

Your commitment to faithful attendance in class is essential in order to benefit from learning in community and the interactive teaching setting.

You will need to fill out an application and complete the interview process.

For an application, or with any additional questions, please contact the Missions Office 940-297-6874 or office@dbcm.org