Women’s BTCL – Leadership Training for Womenbtcl-011_2012

Women’s BTCL is a 2-year program of comprehensive study using the BTCP curriculum plus practical leadership and teacher training. The class time emphasizes missional living (here in Denton, TX), world missions, and cross-cultural awareness. The goal of Women’s BTCL is to train, equip, encourage, and prepare women for local ministry and for short-term ministry to women and children in international settings.

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Women Serving GodWSG Spain

Women Serving God provides churches with the strategy they need to develop a teaching and leadership women’s ministry — by women, to and for women,– who by their Christ-like service will bless their homes, churches, and communities.

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Missions Women

Missions Womenencourages, trains, and equips women to participate in God’s mission to the world—whether going or staying here.

Missions Women offers women enriched training in a fellowship setting. Together we learn new ministry skills, practical life and relationship skills, and cross-cultural communication, as well as more about the cultures of the 9 different Denton Bible SERVE mission fields. We emphasize servant leadership as we join together to serve God by serving others—especially as we minister to our missionaries. Most importantly, we intercede for our missionaries and for people around the world to respond to God’s wonderful gift of salvation.

We welcome women:

  • Who are interested in learning more about God’s mission to the world
  • Or who are considering a future in mission work
  • Or who will remain in Denton as committed, knowledgeable partners and disciplers of our missionaries.
  • Or who are preparing to go on long-term missions

Missions Women  meets once a month on a Sunday afternoon, October through April. For our current schedule or more information, please email us.


Women’s Ministry & MissionsWSG Romania

Women’s Ministry at DBC offers you special opportunities for short-term mission trips. Linda Clark, the Coordinator for Women’s Ministry & Missions, will help equip, train, and shepherd you before your mission trip. Upon your return, she will help you to make the most of your mission experience and use your gifts and talents in local ministry at DBC.

You also can learn more about missions and cultural awareness in our study for women: Missions 101.

Interested in experiencing missions?

Contact Linda: lclark@dentonbible.org